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Many people in Beverly Hills suffer from damaged teeth, and in a world where you can be judged on your looks in any profession, a good smile is vital for everyone. Tooth problems can extend to a variety of different issues, including worn down teeth, teeth which have eroded through acid, loss of back teeth, fractured teeth and the collapse of your bite due to crooked or missing teeth. For someone suffering from some of these conditions, the best option is seeking the help of a top Reconstructive Beverly Hills dentist.

What Is Dental Reconstruction?

If it has been a long time since you have visited the dentist, then you may be unsure about what we can do for you. We can perform a number of different surgical treatments which will help you to overcome problems with your bite or with damaged teeth. We might offer dental surgery and orthodontics which can remove badly eroded teeth, or use crowns and dental bridges to correct fractures in teeth. We may also use dental implants and veneers to replace missing teeth or those which have become permanently discolored. All of these treatments can be used to correct a smile which is not 100 % perfect.

Top Reconstructive Beverly Hills Dentist

Keeping Your Teeth in Good Condition

After you have had dental surgery, it is important that you take the time to take care of your teeth and your new smile. You have to have good oral health to maintain the work that we have done, so in addition to cleaning your teeth regularly, we recommend that you book regular appointments with the dentist to check the progress of your teeth. We may be able to give you further treatments, including veneers and overlays, which can change the appearance of your teeth and improve your smile further.

Find Out About the Top Reconstructive Beverly Hills Dentist

When the time has come for you to seek a top Reconstructive Beverly Hills dentist, then you can consult with Doctor Mobasser, a highly renowned aesthetic dentist that will assist you in correcting any flaws or problems with your smile. Our reconstruction team allows you to transform your smile, and you can seek an evaluation on your dental issues today by calling 424-353-3585 now and seeking an appointment, or booking the first session in your reconstructive dental surgery. Just contact us now, and let us help you to improve your smile.

Let Us Give You a Full Mouth Reconstruction in Beverly Hills

Your smile is very important, and having a good-looking grin can impress clients and employers, and make you more attractive to potential partners. If you have suffered from tooth decay or loss then you may need the assistance of a cosmetic surgeon to help you get back your smile. You may also need reconstructive surgery to replace teeth or change the current look of your mouth. There are a number of treatments which you could receive, including a full mouth reconstruction in Beverly Hills dentist.

Understanding a Full Mouth Reconstruction in Beverly Hills

If you have major tooth problems, including missing teeth, acid erosion, damaged front teeth from grinding, teeth which have shifted out of position, or old dental work which has caused more harm than good, then you will need our help to recover your smile. We can also help to adjust your teeth if you suffer from problems such as TMJ, which can be made more severe by damaged teeth. A full dental reconstruction is also designed to assist you with gum disease, and prevent further fracturing of teeth, eliminating infections such as periodontitis, gingivitis and similar oral issues.

full mouth reconstruction in beverly hills


Fixing Problems with Your Teeth

We have had many patients come to us with issues such as cross-bite, where the teeth were jutting against each other and causing an incomplete bite. Patients may also have worn out teeth which prevent correct closure; they may simply be satisfied with the overall appearance of the teeth. With only a few visits, we can fix biting problems and perform a full mouth reconstruction which will work to correct the bite and improve the overall appearance of your smile. You will end up happier with your look, and your bite will also be improved.

Get Full Reconstructive Surgery Today

If you think that the time has come for a Full mouth reconstruction in Beverly Hills, Dr. Mobasser could be the solution. We have many years of experience with customers of this type, and know that they are able to get a satisfactory finish to their appearance with only a few surgeries. To find out more, or to ask us questions about the nature of our reconstructive surgeries, you can either Use our online form to send us a message, or you can call us on (424) 353-3585 now to arrange a consultation and preliminary examination of your dental needs.