I want to place Porcelain Veneers and am wondering which kind to use – crown veneers or porcelain veneer?

Porcelain veneers vs Porcelain crowns
Porcelain veneers is definitely recommended over porcelain crowns or crown veneer if you have healthy tooth structure.
Why ?
​Dental veneers are less invasive procedure, and you will preserve your precious tooth structure ! hence you will have a porcelain restoration which lasts you much longer, and you have preserved all the natural tooth structure. From the picture shown, you do show possibility of recurrent decay and large filling on your front upper tooth, in which if you go to a top cosmetic dentist, he can take care of the decay and build up your tooth prior to having porcelain veneers preparation. The purpose is to conserve your tooth structure, rather than removal of healthy tooth structure. With veneers in your case you can also get a knock out smile, with the right color and shape, that will fit your face and skin color. Please be informed that series of radiographs or x-rays with a bite analysis is also needed, to rule out porcelain crowns, however looking at your before picture, I do not think the extent of decay is bad, and by dental bonding prior to veneer procedure, you can have a great smile.
For further insights click here:  https://www.celebritydentist.com/veneers-vs-crowns-vs-dental-tooth-bonding/

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Dr. Mobasser will maintain the cosmetic dentistry results you have received to make sure that they last a lifetime. After treatment, you will be enrolled to preventative dental care offered only at his dental practice, by him and no one else. With this type of care, he can personally monitor your dental health to make sure that it lasts a long time.

He and his team will also educate you about the relationship between the body and the mouth to help you achieve optimum oral health.

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What all can be done to fix my crooked smile?

what can be done to fix my crooked smileThe two teeth next to my front teeth are tiny and pushed back. My front two teeth slightly face towards each other. I’m having composite resin/bonding to fix this, (less $ than veneers) but do I need gum contouring? I want my teeth to all be a similar size and an even gum line.



I would not call it crooked by any means, and you can improve and enhance your existing smile to a million dollar smile. Here is some suggestions:
​1- since you do have a light skin, you can afford whiter teeth, so prior to having dental procedure done, see if you can do teeth bleaching, let your dentist check your teeth for any sensitivity or cracks before starting with teeth whitening.

​2- Your front and back teeth are tilted in. So possibly have a consult with orthodontist to expand your upper and lower back teeth to decrease the black uneven buccal corridor ( this is the space between your cheeks and the back teeth, this can give you a fuller, more attractive smile. If time is an issue, or you do not want orthodontic treatment, then I do suggest a gum contouring to reduce the gummy smile and placing porcelain veneers. If cost is a factor dental bonding can be done, but it will not be as strong and color permanent as dental veneers.

​3- your front teeth are pushed in, it would be great if the cosmetic dentist can do porcelain veneers, by bringing all your front teeth a bit out. Also your two front teeth are dominating your smile, in order to distribute a more natural width ratio, then your dentist must remove slight enamel from the sides of your two dominant front tooth and add that to your tiny (lateral) teeth, so they will look more harmonious, and better ratios.
​Again depending on your budget, you can discuss porcelain veneers vs dental bonding with your cosmetic dentist. That said THIN  Veneers will be a more permanent stronger solution than dental bonding, due to strength and color stability, hence less possibility of chipping and controlling your diet for colored foods or drinks.

Dr Anthony Mobasser 
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Do people use porcelain veneers just for whitening- or are they mainly for fixing shape, alignment, etc?

Porcelain veneers can be used to whiten your teeth, among many other benefits.., but keep in mind that the final color you will be achieving, 70% of it comes from your existing tooth color and about 30% comes from Porcelain Dental Veneers.
Having said that, the whiter you can achieve your existing color via teeth bleaching, power or laxer bleaching, the less tooth structure is removed from your precious teeth, to get you the whiter color. That is the reason, why the best cosmetic dentists recommend you first to do bleaching prior to having porcelain veneers,so less tooth structure is removed and your dental veneers last a long time!  After practicing cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry for over 20 years, I have come to the conclusion that the least invasive dentistry, is the BEST Dentistry.Porcelain veneers are also a great way to change the shape of your teeth, to match your lip line, or close the buccal corridors( the space between your teeth and cheek) to give you a fuller, younger looking smile.The alignment of teeth are extremely crucial in designing a spectacular smile, porcelain veneers can correct the alignment of your teeth, to a more pleasing and natural white smile.

When you are seeking to have dental veneers done it is critical that if you are thinking to have your teeth whiter and brighter, do not just do the 6 front teeth, since if you turn your head to the side, your veneers will be sticking out and do show unnatural. It is vital that your dentist evaluates your smile line, and guide you as far as how many veneers is needed to be done! Keep in mind that veneers is a great way to enhance and beautify the individuals smile. Porcelain veneers is an irreversible procedure, know that there is possibility of redoing veneers sometime in the future, hopefully a long long time after they have been placed in your mouth, so that is why it is critical by your cosmetic dentist, to remove the least amount of tooth structure necessary, so the results are long lasting.

Veneers are considered an irreversible cosmetic dental procedure, since minimal tooth structure must be removed in order to substitute it with porcelain.