Top Cosmetic Dentist In Beverly HillsKnown as the “dentists’ dentist” by his peers, and the top Cosmetic Dentist In Beverly Hills by everyone else, Dr. Anthony Mobasser is regarded as the Authority in Aesthetic Dentistry. He has performed a one day Dental Makeover “Smile transformation” on thousands of patients. Dr. Mobasser uses Leonardo da Vinci’s principal of proportions to perform a non-surgical Cosmetic MakeOver. This gives you a Beautiful and Enduring smile that is are proportioned to harmonize with your unique facial features to Emphasize Your Individual Beauty.

If you desire the beauty that a Dental Makeover can do for you by one of the most experienced and qualified top Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills and in the world, call Dr. Mobasser at 310-550-0383. As a pioneer of modern Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Mobasser develops and refines techniques that have become the standard for dentists around the world. Celebrities, actors, and people who make a living on their smiles travel to Anthony Mobasser’s Los Angeles practice for the best in a Dental Makeover.

the face, the color, the size
some people hate the details… I live for them.

Dr. Mobasser is a renowned educator in the field of cosmetic dentistry, and is internationally known for teaching the latest advances in this rapidly evolving field. He obtained his Biochemistry degree from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in 1976 and later completed his DMD degree at the University of Pennsylvania in 1980 with the Caelus award (highest clinical proficiency). He is the founder of Beverly Hills Dental Specialist Network.

Very few dentists can match the skill and artistic eye of Dr. Mobasser. He is known nationally as a top cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills for good reason. With 24 years of experience in aesthetics, Dr. Mobasser provides his patients with beautiful, natural results they can’t get anywhere else. He has been on the cutting edge of dentistry and cosmetic dentistry for many years, guiding, shaping, leading, and creating new ways of beautifying smiles. Patients flock to our office in LA from across the world in order to receive truly superior dental care and cosmetic dentistry results.