Find Your Smile with Our Top Reconstructive Beverly Hills Dentist

Many people in Beverly Hills suffer from damaged teeth, and in a world where you can be judged on your looks in any profession, a good smile is vital for everyone. Tooth problems can extend to a variety of different issues, including worn down teeth, teeth which have eroded through acid, loss of back teeth, fractured teeth and the collapse of your bite due to crooked or missing teeth. For someone suffering from some of these conditions, the best option is seeking the help of a top Reconstructive Beverly Hills dentist.

What Is Dental Reconstruction?

If it has been a long time since you have visited the dentist, then you may be unsure about what we can do for you. We can perform a number of different surgical treatments which will help you to overcome problems with your bite or with damaged teeth. We might offer dental surgery and orthodontics which can remove badly eroded teeth, or use crowns and dental bridges to correct fractures in teeth. We may also use dental implants and veneers to replace missing teeth or those which have become permanently discolored. All of these treatments can be used to correct a smile which is not 100 % perfect.

Top Reconstructive Beverly Hills Dentist

Keeping Your Teeth in Good Condition

After you have had dental surgery, it is important that you take the time to take care of your teeth and your new smile. You have to have good oral health to maintain the work that we have done, so in addition to cleaning your teeth regularly, we recommend that you book regular appointments with the dentist to check the progress of your teeth. We may be able to give you further treatments, including veneers and overlays, which can change the appearance of your teeth and improve your smile further.

Find Out About the Top Reconstructive Beverly Hills Dentist

When the time has come for you to seek a top Reconstructive Beverly Hills dentist, then you can consult with Doctor Mobasser, a highly renowned aesthetic dentist that will assist you in correcting any flaws or problems with your smile. Our reconstruction team allows you to transform your smile, and you can seek an evaluation on your dental issues today by calling 424-353-3585 now and seeking an appointment, or booking the first session in your reconstructive dental surgery. Just contact us now, and let us help you to improve your smile.

Smile Again With Quality Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist

Your teeth can be a source of pride, enhancing your appearance and making smiling much easier. They can also be a source of embarrassment, with some people feeling uncomfortable about the appearance of their teeth. This might make you smile less, or feel less confident when talking, and that can have a negative effect on other’s opinions of you. When the time has come to change your appearance and make a better impact on others, it makes sense to choose a quality Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist with the specialist knowledge to help you.

Don’t Be Afraid Of the Dentist

As a child, many of us learnt to be afraid of visits to the dentist, and some of us still suffer from these fears. We understand that you might be worried about drills and needles, and we also know that most of all you want a dentist that you can trust to take care of your teeth and mouth, and give you a good-looking smile. Finding a dentist that you can trust can be really important when it comes to completing a course of treatment or keeping up with regular appointments.

quality Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist

Seek Dental Advice from Us

When you want to know how to improve your appearance, you can get advice from our cosmetic dentist. Our consultation will let you see how we work, give you information about our staff and our techniques, and allow us to discuss your needs in comfort. We may need to do an initial exam to identify the type of cosmetic surgery would best benefit you. You may also choose to ask us questions, and let us know what you want to be done in order to create a better smile.

Talk With Us Today about a Quality Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist 

When you are looking for a quality Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist, you should put your trust in us. We can help you to understand how we can give you a new smile. When you visit Dr Mobasser at our clinic, you will be talking to a dentist that you can trust. To make sure that you get the best dentist possible for your dental needs, talk to us today, by calling the office at (424) 353-3585 or you could use our contact form, and ask us for information about our treatments and cosmetic dental surgery for your smile by including your email address.

Let Us Give You a Full Mouth Reconstruction in Beverly Hills

Your smile is very important, and having a good-looking grin can impress clients and employers, and make you more attractive to potential partners. If you have suffered from tooth decay or loss then you may need the assistance of a cosmetic surgeon to help you get back your smile. You may also need reconstructive surgery to replace teeth or change the current look of your mouth. There are a number of treatments which you could receive, including a full mouth reconstruction in Beverly Hills dentist.

Understanding a Full Mouth Reconstruction in Beverly Hills

If you have major tooth problems, including missing teeth, acid erosion, damaged front teeth from grinding, teeth which have shifted out of position, or old dental work which has caused more harm than good, then you will need our help to recover your smile. We can also help to adjust your teeth if you suffer from problems such as TMJ, which can be made more severe by damaged teeth. A full dental reconstruction is also designed to assist you with gum disease, and prevent further fracturing of teeth, eliminating infections such as periodontitis, gingivitis and similar oral issues.

full mouth reconstruction in beverly hills


Fixing Problems with Your Teeth

We have had many patients come to us with issues such as cross-bite, where the teeth were jutting against each other and causing an incomplete bite. Patients may also have worn out teeth which prevent correct closure; they may simply be satisfied with the overall appearance of the teeth. With only a few visits, we can fix biting problems and perform a full mouth reconstruction which will work to correct the bite and improve the overall appearance of your smile. You will end up happier with your look, and your bite will also be improved.

Get Full Reconstructive Surgery Today

If you think that the time has come for a Full mouth reconstruction in Beverly Hills, Dr. Mobasser could be the solution. We have many years of experience with customers of this type, and know that they are able to get a satisfactory finish to their appearance with only a few surgeries. To find out more, or to ask us questions about the nature of our reconstructive surgeries, you can either Use our online form to send us a message, or you can call us on (424) 353-3585 now to arrange a consultation and preliminary examination of your dental needs.

Recover Your Dental Health with Best Beverly Hills Celebrity Dentist

When you live in Beverly Hills, you may be expected to wear the latest fashions and go to trendy hairdressers, but you will also be expected to have a great smile. When you are looking for a specialist cosmetic dentist in LA, you will want someone who can give you confidence through dental surgery to improve your smile. If you are looking for someone with experience, and with the fame to deal with demanding customers, then you will need Dr Mobasser, the best Beverly Hills celebrity dentist.

Try Cosmetic Dentistry

You might have been taking good care of your teeth for many years, but a simple tooth fracture, decay from acid or stomach issues and gum disease can leave your teeth looking unattractive. In addition, many of us also have dental conditions which mean that our teeth grow out of line, or gradually shift in the mouth as the years progress. In order to correct these problems, many people in Beverly Hills turn to cosmetic surgery, which is designed to improve your smile and correct the appearance of misaligned teeth.

best beverly hills celebrity dentist

Get High Quality Care from the Best Beverly Hills Celebrity Dentist

In addition to finding an experienced cosmetic dentist who can perform the surgery unit, you also need a dentist who can provide you with good quality care. Experienced dentists who are able to work with customers to get the right look, including dentist to work with the latest tools and technology, are more likely to reassure you about their skills, and make you feel certain that you will end up with the best smile possible. You can also ask dentist questions about their treatment, and this will make you feel more reassured that they are able to deal with your particular needs.

Visit Us Today

To reassure yourself that you will be getting a high level of care and dental experience when you visit Dr Mobasser, the best Beverly Hills celebrity dentist, you need to come and visit the surgery for yourself. We are able to provide you with a consultation which will allow you to examine the surgery meet the staff and discuss your needs with your dentist. To arrange your first appointment, you should call us now on (424) 353-3585, or fill in our online form here with your question and an email address, and we will respond to you shortly.

Where Can You Find The Best Dentist In Beverly Hills?

They say that the best person to ask where you can find the best dentist in Beverly Hills is another dentist. And if you reside in Los Angeles, California, the dentists here would point you to 9201 Sunset Boulevard #618. Yes, that’s the dental office of the world-renowned cosmetic dentist — Dr. Anthony Mobasser. With decades of experience and thousands of procedures under his belt, Dr. Mobasser’s skills and expertise are unparalleled in this field. However, the number of cases he has handled in the past is not the only distinguishing factor that his patients notice when they visit his dental office. Those who come to his office the first time, they would be surprised as to how Dr. Mobasser’s staff treated them, from the moment they walk into the moment they walk out. Truly, no one can beat the royalty experience they have when visiting his office.

Learn More how to Find the Best Dentist in Beverly Hills

If you read some reviews on Yelp to find the best dentist in Beverly Hills, you will see a lot of his patients considered him as the cosmetic dentists of dentists. Why? That’s because many of his patients are also cosmetic and general dentists themselves. The quality of his dental service is incomparable. That’s why he is known to many as the go-to dentist in the USA. He has a keen eye for beauty that allows him to create a gorgeous smile for his A-list Hollywood celebrity patients.

find the best dentist in beverly hills

What if I’m Not a Celebrity?

Some people are intimated when they hear about Dr. Mobasser’s reputation. Because Dr. Mobasser is known as the cosmetic dentist of Hollywood celebrities, captains of industry and royalty, average individuals are hesitant to visit his dental office. But don’t be. No matter who you are, whatever your social status is, Dr. Mobasser and his team will treat you the same way they treat those VIPs. In other words, you’ll get the royal treatment as well. For Dr. Mobasser, he believes that all people can have a gorgeous smile that they can be proud of. You don’t have to be a celebrity or a politician to visit the dental office of the best dentist in Beverly Hills. If you need help with your dental issues, he is the best person to go to. In fact, he can give you a solution that you would not have thought possible. That’s how Dr. Mobasser works with his patients. He ensures that every patient that comes into his dental office will be jubilant after receiving treatment from Dr. Mobasser. To set up an appointment with Dr. Mobasser, please call (310) 550-0383.

How to Choose a Professional Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills

With the advent of the Internet, most people nowadays would use their computer, open their browser and search for a professional cosmetic dentist Beverly Hills area. But some of them would still go the traditional route, i.e., family and friends’ recommendations. But no matter what method you choose to find the best cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, there’s only one person who makes it to the top of your search result — Dr. Anthony Mobasser. When you search for Dr. Mobasser’s services to know more about him, you’ll realize that his rates for his cosmetic dental procedures are quite higher than the rest. That’s because you are actually paying for his expertise. Keep in mind that there’s a reason Dr. Mobasser is known as the most professional cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills. There’s a reason he’s the go-to dentist for A-list stars and politicians when they need a cosmetic dental procedure. There’s a reason they travel from all around the world and flock to his dental office in Beverly Hills just to seek his expertise.

Trust the Professional Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills

Some people only want the best for their dental health, and they need to maintain or achieve a beautiful smile for their profession. And the only cosmetic dentist that they can trust is Dr. Mobasser, the world’s most recognized cosmetic dentist whose state-of-the-art office is situated in Beverly Hills. Dr. Mobasser knows how cosmetic dentistry can impact one’s life. That’s why before he recommends a specific dental procedure, he’ll get to know you first: what you want to achieve in your smile. The dental treatment he will present is specifically designed to meet your needs. With his extensive training and skills in cosmetic dental procedures, no complicated dental issues he cannot solve.

professional cosmetic dentist in beverly hills

Contact a Professional Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills

Even if your previous cosmetic dentist told you that there is no solution for your case, Dr. Mobasser would find a way to resolve it. He’ll never stop until you achieve the smile that you want and you deserve. After all, Dr. Mobasser’s goal is to make every person’s smile as beautiful as possible. He uses the latest dental technology and works with an excellent team to provide you the most comfortable and effective treatment. With his keen eye for beauty and skills in cosmetic dentistry, he can give you exceptional results that can last for long. If you wish to know how you can avail of the services of the best cosmetic dentist Beverly Hills area, please call (310) 550-0383.

Look Great, Age Better with Best Reconstructive Dentist in Beverly Hills

Aging affects your mouth, unfortunately. Before, dentures were necessary for later life. Today, however, three-quarters of people, aged over 65, retain some of their natural teeth. Then again, some older people have high rates of gum disease, oral cancer, mouth infections and tooth loss. These issues are nothing that you can smile about. However, some things can keep your mouth look good and feel young. Thanks to the expertise of the best reconstructive dentist in Beverly Hills.

Reduce the Signs of Aging with Best Reconstructive Dentist in Beverly Hills

Reducing the signs of external aging has some benefits to internal aging. In other words, if you look younger, then you can live longer. Thus, it’s vital that you take steps in allowing yourself to look younger with the help of preventative medicine. In a study, it showed, that looking young is directly proportional to living longer. In fact, there’s a study about twins who look older and younger. The ones who look older die earlier than the younger twins.That’s why Beverly Hills cosmetic dentists offer hygiene services and facial enhancement treatments. These facial enhancement treatments don’t involve removing wrinkles or applying botox. What they do is that they treat your dental issues to make you look young.

best reconstructive dentist in beverly hills

Do Our Teeth Age?

It’s true that your teeth don’t wrinkle. However, they do show signs of aging. Keep in mind that the majority of people said that the first thing they notice about someone is the smile. In that case, if you wish to look young and healthy, the best place to start is your tooth. Unfortunately, the best preventative measures can’t thwart natural teeth aging process. Thankfully, Beverly Hills cosmetic dentists, like Dr. Anthony Mobasser, can take up to 15 years off your appearance. Whitening your teeth is one of the methods to make your whole face look younger. But don’t choose the DIY method because it doesn’t work as effectively as the method used by Dr. Mobasser in his dental office in Beverly Hills. His custom whitening procedure is the best way to have the gorgeous teeth whitening result that can take years off your appearance. 

Choose the Best Reconstructive Dentist in Beverly Hills- Dr. Mobasser

Straightening your teeth, trading in your silver fillings for porcelain or plastic fillings, and proofing your mouth against diseases are just some of the best ways to improve your overall facial appearance. Once you undergo a cosmetic dental procedure at Dr. Mobasser’s office, you’ll soon wear a breathtaking smile like the one you see on celebrities, on the Internet, and in the magazines. If you wish to look younger than your actual age, set up a time and date for consultation with the best reconstructive dentist in Beverly Hills. Call us today at (310) 550-0383.

Anxious To Visit Beverly Hills Best Dentist?

Not all of us are fond of visiting our dentist. However, it is necessary to visit your dentist to ensure that you don’t have tooth decay and other mouth diseases. And Dr. Anthony Mobasser, the Beverly Hills best dentist, has a solution for you — sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is ideal for patients who are afraid to undergo dental treatments. With it, you don’t need to worry about sitting in the dentist chair. But sedation dentistry isn’t only for those who are anxious about going to their dentist because of the pain involved. Rather, it is also advisable for patients with a gag reflex. Regardless, when you visit Beverly Hills best dentist your worries and fears will no longer exist. 

Visit Beverly Hills Best Dentist to Help You Relax

The fear of going to the dentist is a common phobia. In fact, it is one of the top things people are afraid of. The nervousness can stem from a negative experience during your childhood. Thankfully, technology and techniques changed dramatically over the last few decades. Sedation dentistry allows you to feel more relaxed while sitting in the dentist chair. There are many forms of sedation that Dr. Mobasser uses, depending on your needs. You may wish to have a treatment that lets you be conscious during treatment, or you can go for full sedation, which makes you unaware of the procedure. But sedation dentistry isn’t just for patients who are anxious to see their dentist. This type of dentistry technique is used for patients who need to undergo multiple procedures but wish to get them all done at once. In other words, sedation dentistry allows the dentist to complete the work without interruption.

visit beverly hills best dentist

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

As for its safety, sedation dentistry is safe and comfortable. However, you must only choose it if the dentist who is administering it is certified to perform it. At the office of the Beverly Hills best dentist, Dr. Mobasser has his own anesthesiologist to monitor his patient’s progress throughout the procedure. Apart from sedation dentistry, it’s also vital to remember that Dr. Mobasser uses advanced equipment to ensure that his patients are comfortable when receiving dental treatment. Drills, for example, are quieter now that they were before. Dr. Mobasser uses drills with high revolutions so he can quickly and more effectively complete the procedure while giving him greater control. If you wish to visit Beverly Hills best dentist, please contact us at (310) 550-0383.

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost by Top Dentist in Beverly Hills?

As the name suggests, teeth whitening can whiten your dull, darkened teeth. The procedure is better performed by a cosmetic dentist to ensure gorgeous result. The overall cost can be from five hundred to a thousand of dollars, depending on your condition. Nowadays, most people use OTC teeth whitening treatments. They do so because they want instant effect without shelling out thousands of money. What they don’t realize is that the best dentist in Beverly Hills can offer a more effective solution than the one they can buy from a grocery store. The teeth whitening by top cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills works wonders for everyone. That’s because Dr. Mobasser is the top cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills. Hence, the results can change your persona.

Protect Overall Dental Aesthetics

Did you know that some teeth whitening kits could cause potential harm to your teeth? Yes, they do. Local treatments can wear down your teeth enamel. It’s the most important layer of your teeth. When it wears down, your tooth is at high risk of decay and damage. But it’s not only the tooth that is affected. Your gums, too, will suffer if you did not use the kit correctly. Your gums may become overly sensitive, and you will feel pain. Don’t risk your dental’s health just because you want a cheap whitening treatment. Make sure to visit the dental office of Dr. Mobasser in Beverly Hills to get an impressive teeth whitening result.

teeth whitening by top cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills

Quick and Long Lasting Teeth Whitening by Top Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills

The teeth whitening products offered at Dr. Mobasser’s office contain professional-grade ingredients that can provide surprising results. With that in mind, you are guaranteed to get faster and long-lasting result. When you choose the teeth whitening by top cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills– Dr. Mobasser over the DIY teeth whitening treatment, you’ll see a significant difference. Everyone must be aware of the dangers and risks of DIY whitening treatment. The only safe method that can guarantee a sparkling set of white teeth is by having the procedure performed by a professional cosmetic dentist. Dr. Anthony Mobasser is the go-to dentist for many Hollywood celebrities when they need to whiten their teeth. With his passion for cosmetic dentistry, he became the best cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles, and stars from all over the world opt to schedule an appointment with him to undergo a cosmetic procedure. These people don’t like settling for cheap treatments that don’t work. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Mobasser, call his dental office today in Beverly Hills: (310) 550-0383

Can a Skilled Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills Fix Chipped Tooth?

Chip tooth is common. Whether you’re a celebrity or not, you’ll chip your tooth at some point in your life. The reason for this is that your enamel can get weak because of constant wear. When it’s weak, it can easily break off. Jim Carrey, the world-renowned comedian, chipped his tooth when he was young. From then on, he is wearing a dental cap. But he did remove it when he filmed Dumb and Dumber. Thus, his chipped tooth was visible. Chewing hard food is one of the causes of chipping your tooth. But no matter how you chip your tooth, Dr. Anthony Mobasser got you covered. He is not only the most skilled cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, but he is also the world renowned cosmetic dentist who is the go-to dentist for A-list celebrities. When you visit his Beverly Hills dental office, you will find that there are several options you can choose from to fix your chipped tooth. Dr. Mobasser will help you decide the best option for you to bring back your beautiful smile and confidence.

Possible Treatments for a Chipped Tooth

The best option to treat it will depend on the severity of your case. One of the treatments can be dental bonding. This will be an ideal option recommended by Dr. Mobasser if the chip is evident when you smile. Dental bonding is ideal to fix chipped tooth on the front. Dental bonding is a painless procedure the requires one office visit. Although it needs etching of the chipped area, Dr. Mobasser may not apply a numbing medication to the area. Apart from dental bonding, a dental crown is also used for larger chips. It’s especially useful if the chips have significant decay. If you have chips on your molar teeth, for example, then you will need a crown to repair them. Dental crowns are ideal in this situation because of their durability. They are made of ceramic or resin so they can last longer.

skilled cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills

Booking an Appointment with Skilled Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills

Dental crown placement may require two office visits. Depending on your case, Dr. Mobasser may recommend root canal treatment. It may be necessary to build the structure of the root that supports the crown. There are several options these days for any dental issues. But the only person who can bring back your beautiful smile is the best dentist in Beverly Hills whose dental office is situated in 9201 Sunset Boulevard, #618 Los Angeles, California. To finally fix your chipped tooth by a skilled cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, call his dental office today at  (310) 550-0383.