Dr Anthony Mobasser is the best cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills who specializes in Cosmetic dentistry and Full Mouth Reconstruction Dentistry for over 30 years. He is the go to cosmetic dentist in Beverly hills when it comes to rehabilitating the difficult cosmetic dentistry issues, and smile make overs. With his vast experience, he caters to the A- list clients in Beverly hills, Hollywood celebrities, the most distinguished entertainment media, acting, fashion, and athletic community around the world.

Self-Esteem and Confidence are the most attractive qualities in a man or a woman.  Having a Beautiful smile can create life changing results. Your smile is unique, it can boost your confidence, and, make you feel complete, but it’s only when you personalize it according to your facial features, the shape of your lips, the tone of your skin, your personality, and to the white of your eyes to achieve this balance and beauty. Here you meet the renowned Beverly Hills Smile designer Dr. Anthony Mobasser, the mouth reconstruction and cosmetic dentist expert. He begins his cosmetic dentistry treatments with the end in mind, paying attention to macro aesthetics and micro aesthetics to create that awesome smile that looks beautiful, feel good, functions well, and last a long time. He is considered as one of the top dentist in Beverly hills and around the world, due to fabrication of mega smiles, red carpet ready, that last a long time, and even look better as the time pass and function well. He can transform your smile into a one-of-a-kind awesome smile, and not just an okay smile. His philosophy of conservative dentistry and preserving tooth structure, and artistic ability as a top Beverly hills dentist, can take years off your face, making you feel younger, confidence and complete.

I Love to See People Smile, Just Love it…
A Smile is the mirror of the soul. It is a reflection of the character that is inside you. It reflects exactly how you feel about yourself. It tells the world, I am Happy!! So, go ahead and smile.


Why is he considered to be the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills?

  • Dr Mobasser current private patient base is compromised of more than fifteen hundred loyal patients not only from Beverly Hills Ca, but from all areas of the world and all walks of life who travel thousands of miles to visit him, for diagnostic purposes and getting their cosmetic dentistry needs done only by this cosmetic dentist.
  • Most of his cosmetic dentistry full mouth rehabilitation cases, are still functioning in his patients mouth for more than two or even decades.
  • He treats many physicians and dentists and other health care providers who trust his judgement, and want to have their dentistry only done by him only.
  • This top cosmetic dentist in Beverly hills is affiliated with a dream team of other specialists, such as Oral Surgeons,Periodontists, Endodontists, and Orthodontists who he closely works with, to give the patient the best of dental care, so the treatments go efficiently, with the highest quality, and the restorations last for a longest time.
  • He delivers his dental treatments to conserve precious tooth structure, preservation of enamel, and having the end in mind from the beginning.
  • He chooses to see one patient at a time, and due to his caring nature, does not believe in double booking patients, and run from one treatment room to other. His private dental office have wait less reception area, so patients can be seen right away, since he considers each patients time valuable.
  • He has over 36 years experience in his specialty of cosmetic dentistry, and reconstructive dentistry in which he loves and has passion for.
  • Dr Mobasser has received multiple awards as top cosmetic dentist Beverly Hills, and best dentist Beverly Hills, and has been interviewed frequently by news media not only for Beverly hills or Hollywood but from foreign international news media, asking his expert advise.
  • Dr Mobasser is considered as celebrity dentist to Hollywood stars in Beverly Hills and around the world who had designed their ready red carpet smile to stand out, backed up by many of his 5 star reviews all over the internet.